Mind Training Game – Sudoku

Sudoku is a mind training game. It can allow the seniors to exercise their brains and improve their memories. In the picture, the seniors can be seen deeply concentrated, listening to our volunteer teach them how to master the game of Sudoku.


Popular Beading

Beading is a popular art and craft among seniors. It not only can train the senior’s hands and fingers’ dexterity, it also allows the seniors to socialize with each other. In the picture, the two seniors showed off their beading project of an eggplant.



Happy Halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday for everyone. CAIPA Social Daycare Center hosted a Halloween party, so the seniors could enjoy themselves celebrating the holiday. In the picture, the seniors can be seen smiling happily with their festive masks.


Crafts Classes

At CAIPA Social Daycare Center, we offer arts and crafts classes. Among one of the arts classes is paper crafting. The seniors at our center used cutting and pasting technique to form pictures of beautiful flowers. In the picture, the seniors happily showed their finished artwork.